After I graduated, I wasn’t getting any responses for the engineering jobs I was applying for. I decided to take a look at my resume and try to make it more appealing but I couldn't think of anyway to do that. Through a chance meeting with a woman while I was at work in Miami I managed to get contact information for Sean. He managed to take my weak resume with limited job experience and make it into something that I couldn’t believe represented me. With his help I landed a couple of interviews that before I couldn’t have dreamed of getting and one of those interviews turned into a job to which I start at the end of January 2014. If you are looking to update or better your resume I highly recommend Sean’s Resume Shop. Thank you Sean for everything you did for me! 

(Nikolai Gage - Miami, FL)
Sean is amazing! He is very professional, experienced, and goes above and beyond in not just helping to transform your resume and cover letter, but also in helping with every step in the process of finding and securing the job that meets your goals.

(Amber C. - Torrance, CA)
Thank you for the resume update. I was in the middle of the busiest time of the year when I reached out to you and I appreciate that you were very prompt and professional. Updating my resume was not something that I was looking forward to doing, but you made it such an efficient and pleasant experience. Thank you for helping me transform my résumé into an impressive document that reflects the value my work history and accomplishments over the past 15 years brings to an organization.
God Bless,
(Collin Hinds - Los Angeles, CA)
I have known Sean for quite some time. As far as I can remember, Sean has always been a very dedicated and passionate individual. Not only has Sean helped others in the business aspect but he is also a help to those in his community. The service of Sean’s resume building has definitely worked wonders for me. I went from a Customer Service Representative position to a Workforce Monitor position in no time. Sean’s work has always been detailed and concise. It was a pleasure attending school with Sean and it is definitely a pleasure keeping in touch with Sean and seeing that we are all out here helping one another. May everything come into fruition for you.

(Capies Pitts - Greensboro, NC)

Recent Before And After Projects

I reached out to you to help me update my resume and after a couple of short emails back and forth, you updated my resume in just a couple of days. You really helped me leverage my undergraduate experience combined with my professional work experience to produce a resume that truly represents my skills and accomplishments.

Thanks again!  

Jason Ola (ExxonMobil - Torrance, CA)

Reviews and Testimonials

Sean has helped me organize over a decade of work history to create my new resume. We met one-on-one developing my public speaking skills as well as career and goal planning. I just want to thank you Sean for everything! Please notice my video below.

(Ed Knighton - Long Beach, CA)
Sean was great in helping me prepare my resume and create a cover letter for an internal job opening I was applying for at my job.  I needed both the next day and Sean burned the midnight oil making sure that I had both ready to submit for the position the next day. I ended up getting interviewed for the position.  I have worked with Sean many other times to prepare my resume, cover letter and to prepare for interviews. He always makes sure that he gives 110% in making sure you achieve your career goals. Thanks Sean!

(Angela Holcomb - Los Angeles, CA)


I am soooo happy that you updated my resume for me. As soon as I started submitting my new resume, I immediately received multiple opportunities for interviews. Now, I am interviewing for my dream position in California and I’m very confident that I will get an offer. I am also in the application process for graduate school and I will definitely use my new resume for the application.

Thank you so much again! 

(Nicole J. - Fayetteville, NC)

I don’t know how you did it, but the updated resume that you created for me worked wonders! We first worked together on a resume, then I contacted you again, and you immediately started on my cover letter. I received several interviews and just landed a great position with Scan Health Insurance as a Sales Representative thanks to your cover letter and resume! I'm so excited, thank you SO much! 

(Lizeth Placencia - Whittier, CA)
A friend of mine stated to me that he recently had his resume redone by a good friend of his. I must admit I was hesitant at first to pay someone to redo my resume when I could easily do it for free. I spoke to Sean about my current resume and my work experience and he told me that he could recreate my resume into a remarkable document that would highlight my various experiences and skills. From our first conversation, Sean was extremely personable, professional, and knowledgeable. Once I was sent a copy of my revised resume, I was astonished at how remarkable and professional my newly recreated resume looked. A few months later, I contacted Sean again to help me create a cover letter. Again, I was thoroughly content with the quality of services that I received from Sean. The money I spent on having my resume and cover letter created by Sean were well worth it. I find myself recommending his services to anyone I come into contact with who needs their professional image either created or redefined. 

(Maurice Burman - Los Angeles, CA)
Sean Allen of Sean's Resume Shop answered my email right away. I emailed my old resume and cover letter and in two days met him in person and he had some new and exciting ideas. He was friendly and professional and best of all he allowed me to express my own opinions. I received my resume that evening. I will go back to Sean's Resume Shop to get updates on my resume and just moral support from Sean. He is a great guy. (Judy Jordan – Torrance, CA) 
Sean did a wonderful job with my husband’s resume and cover letter. He made the experience very personal by meeting with us in person and working with us until we were completely satisfied. He is a very talented writer and new friend. Highly recommend his services and you can't beat the price!

(Brenda - Anaheim, CA)  
Sean's Resume Service is a very professional, and helped me make my resume pristine. I am glad I incurred his services.

(Erik R. - Lakewood, CA)
Sean was a great help in creating a resume and cover letter that represented me and my skill sets. He helped me in a matter of days and really worked around my schedule. I knew how to edit resumes but Sean made my resume come alive and have a voice as if I was there in the room. Thanks Sean for your diligence and vast knowledge of completing my resume and cover letter in due time. 

(Brandyn J - Detroit, MI)

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"My son needed an essay that is professionally written to apply for universities. I came across Sean Resume Shop, and they started helping my son on several different papers that was requested by different universities. I would like to make it short and not to take your time by saying that I was extremely elated to deal with these guys. When they promised… they delivered. Reasonable pricing is one thing but the beautiful work is another matter. I gave them nothing less than five stars. Thank you very much."

(Hassan T. – TX)