Did you know that  80% of positions are not posted and the average job search takes 40 weeks?

Preparation for a new career/profession.
Session: Client situation assessment and review career searching documents.
Know where you are in your career campaign. Understand shortfalls.

Who are you?
Session: Identify skills, values, SMART stories, and StrengthFinder or DISC Assessment (60-minute session)
How well do you know yourself? Realize steps on how you can sell yourself.

Where do you fit in?
Goals Interests, ideal career, strategies to apply, and networking for success.
Write out or draw your goals. Let's discuss a plan of action for your goals. 

Looking for Advancement Opportunities /Growth Potential?
Learn fundamentals of raises, interviewing techniques, promotions, higher salary with a new company, and LinkedIn Profiles
Learn how to stay competitive when gaining higher responsibility roles.

All packages include phone/Skype coaching and weekly emails as needed. Full payment due upfront. 

30-minute session = $105
60-minute session = $170

Platinum (4) 1-hour sessions for $590 (saves you $90)
Gold (4) 30-minute sessions for $375 (saves you $45)

My career coaching can be supplemented with the DISC model and assessments. DISC has been used in 40+ countries since introduced in 1928 and is one of only a few behavioral assessments with universal validation.

Additional Assessments offered for Career Management, Leadership Values, Motivators, and Preferences.

Client-specific assessment details will be sent directly to you

Assessment prices range from $89.99 to $129.00

These estimated prices are negotiable and are aligned with industry standard Résumé Packages per research from: 
BeARésuméWriter.com / Résumé Writers’ Digest
Profile of Professional Résumé Writers 

Career Coaching sessions hourly rates range from $100 to $350


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